Nov 28, 2010

We received our first webserver. It's a quadcore 2,6 ghz with 8gb ram and uses raid1 for disk storage.

It's up and running beautifully. It's hosting a few domains and it's ready for prime time action.

SSL is on the way too, everything is on track for January.

With kind regards,

Daniel Genis

DG Hosting

Oct 3, 2010

If you are a chartiy and are looking for quality webhost please contact us.

We will soon be offering our services to the public and would like to sponsor webhosting for the good cause. Our setup is very reliable (see uptime information).

With kind regards,



Dedicated hosting solutions

DG-Services is a new hoster which started in 2010. With more than 10 years of liunx experience, we strive for cheap reliable solutions which we will fully manage for you.

We offer reliable managed VPS server solutions. Webserver, e-mail server and other customized packages are possible. Each customer get's an own virtual server with the gauranteed hardware performance that comes with it.



Managed Mail server Small Medium Big

Disk space 15 gb 40 gb 100 gb
E-mail domains 10 20 100
E-mail accounts 50 250 750


Outgoing mail sever Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Virus Yes Yes Yes
Backups Yes Yes Yes

Price upon request*
unpon request*
upon request*
order order order


*More info will follow. Pricing of initial services will come online beginning of December.
Please contact us if you have specific requirements. Anything is possible!

In order to find out what we can do for you contact me please via e-mail.